Join Us Sabbath

If you've never been to church before, we welcome you. We hope that this Saturday will be the first of many for us all together as a community! Come and learn about relevant issues in Sabbath School, enjoy uplifting music and practical messages during our worship service.

We want you to enjoy yourself at church. We think going can be fun, and we'd like for the environment here to feel welcoming, accepting, free of judgment or condemnation towards others, uplifting music that inspires praise and worship as well as helps us understand how God wants our lives laid out in a practical way through his word & teachings. 



Sabbath School: Sabbath, 10:00 AM
Worship Service: Sabbath, 11:00 AM


Additional Information

Are you looking for more information?  Are there any special needs that we can provide additional accommodations to make your visit with us easier and comfortable? If so, please speak to the Church Office! We would love nothing more than serve our community in whatever way possible.